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Updated: Dec 16, 2019


Darren Anslow accepts Lordswood's youngsters will be inconsistent this season.

Lords followed their 6-1 win over AFC Croydon Athletic by losing 2-1 at home to struggling Erith & Belvedere in the Southern Counties East league last weekend.

It's par for the course with a young team and leaves Anslow wondering what Lords side will turn up when they host K Sports in the Kent Senior Trophy on Saturday.

The Lords boss said: "We're not silly, we know what our plan is and that's to get these young players ready for senior football.

"We've got to learn something from every game we play and i think we will because they're intelligent enough.

"We want to do well in all competitions but we know we aren't going to win the league so the cups are a chance for us to have a little bit of glory.

"When I look back at the Erith & Belvedere game I have to pick up on the positives, not just the negatives, and we did create a lot of chances.

"We'll keep rocking along but the reality is we are going to be one of those sides who lack consistency.

"On our day we can roll anyone over but we also know we can be bashed by anyone. It's about getting a level of consistency. We won't get it - that's just how it is - but we'll keep trying to win more games than we lose."

Lordswood welcomed back Daniel Pepple from injury last weekend but Shaike Kamara has been ruled out for a month after taking a heavy challenge in the win at AFC Croydon.

Anslow said: "You're talking about missing a 17-year old kid, but that's the impact he's had. He's broken into the team and done well and then he cops a four week injury."

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